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Portuetxe 53-A, 1 oficina 104 | 20018 Donostia
NO-CD Rekords. Todos los derechos reservados
NO-CD REKORDS is a small record label austere and proudly independent, that has elaborated a catalogue that otherwise would not exist in the market. From the most singular works of established figures to new stars and tendencies, this record label, as close to the roots as to innovation, provides the production with complete spontaneity and maximum quality.

Portuetxe street 53-A, 1st floor. Office104
20018 Donostia

Telephones: +0034 943314800
Fax: +0034 943 215788



See legal conditions.


The sale of musical products is subject to Value Added Tax ( V.A.T).

Also, in the case of CDs, postage costs must be added to the total amount of purchase . These costs are 6,10 euros for deliveries within Spain and 23,35 euros for the rest of the world. These amounts are independent from the number of CDs purchased.

For MP3 format products there are no postage costs, as the delivery is not done physically but by online download.


MP3 is file format that can be saved and reproduced by the computer, by a MP3 reproducer o by copying directly to a CD .

Its main advantage is the little space it occupies thanks to the compression of the information, though the quality in MP·3 continues to be the same as a musical CD. The reason is that only frequencies that are imperceptible to human ears are eliminated.
With the MP3 format you can choose to buy songs individually, not being necessary to purchase all the songs included in the CD version .

Further, when you choose to buy in a MP3 format instead of in a CD one, the delivery of the product consists of an email that indicates you how to download the songs through a link.

For security reasons, this link is only operative for four days, from the reception of the email. This means that before the end of this term you should save the MP3 files in you computer or in a CD.


In our shop the process of payment by credit card is done under a Secure Server, that guarantees the privacy of the data you transmit by the SSL protocol.

This privacy is assured by crypting the information transmitted between your browser and our Secure Server , so if someone should intercept it , it would be useless because the cryptographic key would be needed to decode the information.

Portuetxe 53-A, 1 oficina 104 | 20018 Donostia
NO-CD Rekords. Todos los derechos reservados
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