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Juan Mari Beltran

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His artistic development shows he is a searcher, a promoter and one of the most important figures of Basque popular music.

He was from a very young age in musical circles. First playing the clarinet and the txistu and very soon taking the lead of old generations of popular music. As a “txalapartari “ he took part , together with his brother Bixente and the Artze brothers, in the Basque art school set up by Jorge Oteiza in the 60´s. He then started the new era of “txalaparta” based on the traditional “.

He has taken part in groups like the Contemporary Group of Music founded by the painter Rafael Ruiz Balerdi y and created groups like Sustraiak, Azala y Txanbela. He has also been the artistic couple of Joxan Goikoetxea. Various records stay witness of his activity.

He has also published works in the field of investigation of popular music, and the record and film Euskal Herriko Soinu Tresnak, considered as one of the most important documents on the Basque popular organography.


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